Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Who do you trust? Why me?

Who do you trust?  Why me?


Let's assume you don't know me and I hope you don't because then you are new to me.  I can tell you of my publishing credits, education, teaching experience, work history and give a bio but in cyberspace I can tell you anything and may be a damned liar and telling you stuff may not make me credible.  Enough to say I have publishing credits here and abroad, am educated, have teaching experience, have worked and am a damned truth teller.  Otherwise, consider the poet:  we look for his/her voice and I urge you to examine my voice on this blog.  Does it ring true?  Do you find what I say resonant with your experience?  Are you learning something?  Do the links work?


It will take little time to determine whether you find me genuine.  I've read that seconds is all I have in a blog to get your attention and failing that you are off to another to discern whether he/she is a liar or truth teller or just more interesting whether a liar or not.  So give us both a break.  Take several posts to heart and let them give you the measure of me.  I'll warrant you'll find me credible.


Next post-- an approximate idea of what's to come

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