Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Coming Soon...

I have an abundance of posts ready to go. Several deal with the good and bad of workshops, how to get the most from workshops, what I think is wrong with poetry in America how poets ought to be writing and the like. I will be somewhat controversial but hopefully never adversarial. Despite the things I have ready to go I want you to help me determine the direction of this blog and so I will be very considerate of your opinions and requests.

Also, I want to include the occasional review of books of poetry, preferably new and interesting books. There is a paucity of interest in poetry and books of poetry and reviews of books of poetry generally and I hope to help correct that in some small way here.

That's pretty much the promise of things to come. I will begin by writing about writing and the creative process as I know and understand it; then segue into workshops-- my favorite and least favorite way to learn about writing poetry. And then...THE STARS.

So long for now.

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