Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Readers' Digest Again

Okay, UNCLE!!! First, lest you think ill of me, I don't subscribe to The Readers' Digest. I say that for all of you who, as I for decades, maligned the magazine as something appropriate to a sub- or lesser- species of mind. I think I learned this in high school, maybe earlier, despite the fact that my parents subscribed for endless years and I read a lot of it and never missed the humor. As I got older and involved myself more in poetry it became essential to my appearance as a writer interested in good stuff to put down the Digest while remaining a closet reader, however intermittent.

Well, cut my legs off and call me shorty if I don't recant. THE READERS' DIGEST IS PUBLISHING POETRY MONTHLY. And it's good stuff. So, name another magazine as pedestrian and widespread that is publishing something so lofty. Hats off to RD.

Now go read it.

(I cannot leave this topic without noting that The Readers' Digest according to a Wall Street Journal article on August 17th is filing for bankruptcy as part of a debt restructuring. It is expected that the magazine will continue publication without incident although it will adapt to survive.)

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