Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Craig Arnold

Many excellent poets come and go without many knowing of them outside a relatively and regrettably small circle. In my life Hugh Ogden was one. Recently Craig Arnold prematurely joined that list. I never heard of him until he was lost and then followed the story of the search for him. I found several of his poems online and they caused me to follow his story with some interest because he was a compelling writer of great skill and talent. Although the story is sad it gave me the opportunity to discover him and to bring his poems to the attention of the members of the Manchester Chapter of The Connecticut Poetry Society and hopefully enlarge the audience as Arnold's poetry deserves.

We must remain ever mindful of the importance of our art, and the arts in general, in a world so dismissive of them. Additionally, we are charged with the responsibility to endeavor to promote the arts in any way we can. It is sad to consider that Craig Arnold attracted more attention by way of his death than by way of his poetry. We are likely headed the same way without being nearly as good as he.

This seems cause to rail.

So long for now.

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